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About Us


Moor Park and Sandy Lodge Residents Association


A Brief History:

Moor Park and Sandy Lodge Residents Association was formed in 1942 to give residents better representation on the estate under development at the time by Moor Park Ltd. Moor Park (1958) Ltd was then formed 16 years later to inherit and manage the assets of the original development company, such as the roads, verges and open spaces,  and enforce the covenants applied to all houses on the Estate to preserve its beautiful surroundings and individual style. All owners on the Moor Park Estate are obliged to purchase a share in the company and to pay an annual frontage fee for the costs of maintaining the Estate.

For more information concerning Moor Park (1958) Ltd, please go to:

The Residents Association today:

The Residents Association was established with the aim of making the Estate a neighbourly and enjoyable place to live in and we strive to continue to celebrate and develop the strong sense of community that comes from living in such a unique neighbourhood.

The Residents Association extends its interest over a wider area and includes Moor Lane, Home Farm Road and Park Close. Unlike, MP58, membership is entirely voluntary and a small fee is charged that goes towards producing the twice yearly Newsletter, developing and maintaining the website, preparing New Residents’ packs, holding the annual AGM and organising social events, such as Christmas Carols by the Main Avenue shops.

Please click on “Committee” to see our current team, their roles and any vacancies. We are always keen to welcome new committee members and fresh ideas.


We can sometimes be confused with the Management Company, Moor Park (1958) Ltd but our roles are very different. MP58 is responsible for the management of the estate and they look after the infrastructure such as roads, trees, verges, lighting, security etc.


  • We attend meetings with our local councillors to keep up to date with and discuss issues affecting the Estate including planning concerns (see “Planning and Development”)

  • We prepare Welcome Packs for new residents (See “New Residents”)

  • We work closely with the Hertfordshire branch of Neighbourhood Watch to improve and keep updated on safety and security issues (see “Neighbourhood Watch”)

  • We are closely involved with the Friends of the Withey Beds, a local nature reserve located just outside the estate, and keep residents up to date with developments as the seasons change (see “Withey Beds”)

  • We distribute a twice yearly Newsletter to all residents

  • We organise the annual Christmas Carols in front of the Moor Park shops and help in stewarding the annual Moor Park Fun Run.

  • We maintain the website and hope that this will grow and encourage residents to become involved in more social and charitable events

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