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Neighbourhood Watch

Working together to prevent crime and build a safer, vibrant and inclusive local community

Protecting our community

Keeping alert and up to date is the best way to keep you and your neighbours safe.

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the most successful crime prevention initiatives introduced in the UK. It is based on the simple idea that as neighbours we can help each other to reduce crime, create a safer place to live, work and play and strengthen our local community.

For a number of years, Neighbourhood Watch has been supported by the Online Watch Link (OWL) website and communication system which has enabled  members to receive alerts and messages.

Herts Constabulary will shortly be introducing a new community messaging system called Herts Connected which will replace OWL and which will become active from 1 April 2024.

Herts Connected will provide free opt-in messaging from the police, Neighbourhood Watch and Action Fraud on crime alerts, scam warnings, and the latest crime prevention advice.


To register with Herts Connected, please visit: 


If you have and questions on the transition from OWL to Herts Connected please contact your local Moor Park Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator and fellow resident Wendy Hussain at who will be happy to answer any queries and guide you through the Herts Connected registration process.

Also available to download is a copy of the Neighbourhood Watch Members Booklet.

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