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New Residents Information

Each year a dozen or so families choose to move to the Prime Location of Moor Park. The main draw factors are the easy train commute into London, an established close-knit community, excellent schools, fabulous golf courses and beautiful homes. 


The MPRA welcomes each family personally when they move in, wishing them best of luck and every happiness in their new home.


The MPRA Neighbourhood Watch representative also drops off information about Neighbourhood Watch and general safety and security advice when a resident moves in.

The local Moor Park shops offer new residents a £10 voucher to spend at any of their stores within 3 months of moving in.

Frequently asked questions by New Residents;

1.   How do I register with the MPRA?

2.   How do I become a member of the Residents' Association?

3.   How do I pay my subscription?

4.   How can I help the Residents' Association?

5.   Can I join the MPRA committee?

6.   How do I find out more about local groups and activities?

7.   How do I contact my Resident Representative?

8.   How do I redeem the voucher to spend at the MP shops?

9.   Whats the difference between Moor Park 58 and Moor Park Residents Association


1.  Please click here to register.


2. When you live in MP you need to register to become a member of the Residents' Association. The Association is funded through an annual subscription of £10.00 per household.

By representing everybody who lives in MP, we are strengthening our hand in negotiating with and positively influencing local authorities like Hertfordshire County Council, Three Rivers District Council and the Parish Council. We will always try to negotiate with the best interests of MP at heart, and seek your views on any controversial issues before doing so.


4. We are currently actively seeking volunteers to act as MP Road Representatives. We are very dependent upon our volunteers, who distribute items of interest to residents in the road they represent. This may include newsletters, leaflets and surveys. The commitment to be a Road Rep is not considerable, and typically requires them to be an ongoing contact point for the MPRA. If you are interested in helping us, especially if you don't have a Road Rep in your road, please contact us at

5. As a new resident to the area we hope you will soon become passionate about Moor Park and its community. Do you want to get to know your neighbours and other residents of MP? Do you want to influence and help in matters affecting Moor Park? Would you like to join the MPRA? Then we would love to hear from you.
For all queries about the Association, please contact

6. Local groups in Moor Park and surrounding areas include;


Sport: Sandy Lodge Golf Club, Moor Park Golf Club, Rickmansworth Golf Club, David Lloyd Leisure Club, Eastbury Tennis Courts

Local Shops: Loomrose Pharmacy, The Shemul, Moor Park Fine Foods, Peking Garden, Tolley & Sons Butchers

Environment: There are numerous Cycle and Walks in the area including  fabulous canal, woodland walks.  The local golf courses do allow walkers to cross the course. It is important not to stray and to always stay on the designated paths identified by yellow markers.

Community: Moor Park Dental Centre, Mount Vernon Hospital, Mountwood GP Practice

Faith and Culture: St Johns Church

Schools: Merchant Taylors' Prep, Merchant Taylors' School:

  1. We have 9 swim schools/clubs that operate at weekends and evenings.

  2. Open Water Swimming – Active Training World

  3. Private tennis coaching – Steve Butcher

  4. Youth football – Northwood Youth FC

  5. Junior Football – Excel Sports

  6. OMT CCC & Colts Cricket

  7. OMT Senior hockey – Men’s & Ladies & junior hockey

Please contact Kevin on for more specific details if you're interested in getting involved.

7. Chairperson is Sarah Starr best contacted on

8. As a new resident, you should receive a welcome note with the voucher which you can take along to the Moor Park shops to redeem. If you haven't received your welcome pack please contact us at:

9. Please click here

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