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Committee Zooming!

Sarah Starr


Sarah has lived on the Estate on and off since 1967! Early years were spent in Wales so the Estate felt very urban and busy in comparison. She has four grown up children who attended local schools.

She has been Chairman of the Residents ‘ Association for too many years but enjoys serving the community and working with the committee to keep  Moor Park a lovely place to live. Spare time is spent attempting to play golf and tennis!

Tony Brayford


Tony has lived in Moor Park for nearly 30 years and brought up his three children at local schools.  He served as a Director of Moor Park (1958) Ltd. for over 15 years and was responsible for its Planning functions. and particularly for introducing the Conservation Area Appraisal. He is a member of Sandy Lodge Golf Club and occasionally sings with the MTS Parents choral society.

Roy Davis

Moor Lane Representative

Roy’s career background is in the IT industry. From university he first worked on UK and NATO Air Defence projects and thereafter for computer manufacturers.

Roy has lived in Moor Lane since 1978 and, after a career in the IT industry, is now happily retired enjoying as much golf and travel as possible.

His aim is to represent the interests of Moor Lane residents in the Moor Park Residents Association that has been of help to those residents in the past while supporting the objectives of the Association to which he fully subscribes.

Fearghal Hayes

Withey Beds

Fearghal  has been a resident of Moor Park for over twenty five years, his children have grown up on the estate and enjoyed the ambiance of the area.  He has a special interest in the environment and is the residents association representative on the Friends of the Withey Beds committee, the local nature reserve on the north side of Moor Park.

Wendy Hussain

Neighbourhood Watch

Wendy moved to Moor Park with her family in 2012 and was immediately struck by how safe the Estate felt, something that she still values when she and her husband take their daily walk, whatever the time of day. Part of this comes from the sense that neighbours look out for each other and that was why she volunteered to take on the role of Moor Park Co-Ordinator for Neighbourhood Watch. She’s encouraged to see how many residents are already registered for OWL (Online Watch Link) and hopes that the Residents’ Association new website will help grow that number.

Pam Leigh

New Residents

Pam has lived in Moor Park for twelve years with three children who were locally educated. She has been a Committee member of Moor Park Residents Association for six years responsible for welcoming new residents. She’s passionate about maintaining the special character of Moor Park whilst recognising that suitable and effective change needs to take place in order to achieve that.  

She would like the culture of MP to expand and develop. The professional knowledge and skill set she has gained over the years in the workplace both locally and abroad has allowed her to give back to the community through the MPRA, which she feels has an important role to play in developing and building strong and appropriate relationships within our community.

Richard Midgley


Richard and his family moved to Moor Park in 1996, attracted both by the neighbourhood and the proximity to excellent schools. It is a move he’s never regretted,  with the added bonus of membership to Sandy Lodge Golf Club. Being a qualified accountant he was invited to join the committee as Treasurer, a role he’s now performed for several years

Ramneek Sawhney

Social & Events Coordinator

Ramneek Sawhney has lived in Moor Park since 1999 and both her daughters study at a local school. She's the newest member of the committee and is looking forward to planning events for the residents to create a closer bond and community spirit. She volunteers with CCH which has been helping the residents of Moor Park since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic and works closely with the Three Rivers Council with supporting their food bank.

Vacancy: Charity Coordinator

Volunteering to do something good doesn't need to mean a big commitment. There are lots of ways to give your time to help other such as helping local charities and community groups in your local area or helping to mentor a young person.  

Volunteering gives us the chance to make a difference and create a better life for others. It also offers the perfect opportunity for us to learn new skills, make new friends and experience new things. , It’s also a great way of finding out what’s going on in your area. 

If you are looking for something you could consider to make a real difference consider becoming the MPRA charities Co Ordinator.

If you are interested please email

Vacancy: The Secretary

Our wonderful MPRA secretary resigned after many years of hugely valuable work.

The Secretary plays an essential role in the management of the MPRAs records. The duties of the Secretary include:

· Taking the minutes of meetings and circulating them 

· Helping the Chair to prepare the agenda for the meetings

· Letting people know the meetings dates/times/venues

· Writing and receiving letters on behalf of the Residents Association

· Keeping a record of membership including contact details, etc. 

If you are interested please email

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