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Batchworth Neighbourhood Plan

The recently formed Batchworth Community Council is preparing a Neighbourhood Plan which will cover the areas of Rickmansworth, Batchworth, Moor Park and Eastbury.  It will form part of the new Three Rivers District Local Plan for the period 2017-2032, which is also currently in the early stages of development.


A preliminary strategy document with the assistance of retained Planning Consultants, Troy Planning and Design is under discussion by a Steering Group formed from Community Councillors and representatives of local Resident Associations including our own.  Progress on the Neighbourhood Plan has been delayed partly by Covid 19 and partly by delay with Three Rivers District Council, who are struggling to meet the government target for the allocation of new housing developments.


The Steering Group wish to involve all residents in consultations on the draft Plan at an early stage and will be arranging meetings with the various communities to obtain feedback on the emerging strategy just as soon as it will be possible for meetings to be held.

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