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What is Neighbourhood Watch and how can it help me?

Neighbourhood Watch in Moor Park

Moor Park is unique in offering a real sense of community and with that comes a concern for and awareness of our neighbours. Incidents of crime in Moor Park are low but, unfortunately, they do still occur. This is where being a member of Neighbourhood Watch can help. The OWL Online Watch Link offers a means for the police liaison officers to communicate with residents and offer advice on safety and security as well as offering a platform to voice concerns and source information on pertinent issues. Neighbourhood Watch also has an online shop packed with gadgets to help keep you, your family and your home safe.

If you have not already signed up to the Neighbourhood Watch OWL service then it is worth taking a look at the website https://www.owl.co.uk/ to register.

Alternatively, email your Name, Address and mobile telephone number to your Moor Park NhW Co-Ordinator, Wendy Hussain at Wendy.hussain@live.com.

If you’d like to access the OWL Protect online shop, please go to www.owlprotect.uk

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