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Top Cyber Tips to Protect you online - Message 8

Top Cyber Tips to Protect you online - Message 8

Dear Watch Member,

Protecting yourself online needn’t be a stressful affair check out these 6 steps for peace of mind:

1, Use Strong and Separate passwords for Email & online accounts

Strong & Separate passwords prevent criminals from using malicious software (malware) to guess them, or from accessing other accounts using stolen credentials from a previous data-breach.

The average person has 9 smart devices and 50 online accounts. So consider using a Password Manager or save them in your updated browser (but only if no one else has access to your device).

A strong password is THREE RANDOM WORDS, then add complexity (capitalisation, numbers and special characters). E.g: ChairForkDog-13

2, Install the latest software and app updates

Software and app updates contain vital security updates to help protect your devices from cyber criminals. Not all updates will advertise vulnerability patches, but may still contain them.

3, Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA)

Not only for email, but social media, banking and anything else that supports it. 2FA means that even if a criminal has your username & password, they will still need to input a unique generated code. Do not send your codes to anyone else.

4, Secure smart devices with a screen lock

Screen locks offer your devices an important extra layer of security. This also prevents against data loss or theft. Apply passwords or fingerprint recognition to all devices which will accept them.

5, Back up your most important data

Secure online/cloud backups are reliable. However, consider regular, offline/physical backups as well. Should you fall victim to malicious data loss/damage, an offline copy will allow continued use. Just don’t connect it to the infected device until the virus/malware is gone!

6, Use Anti-virus, Anti-Malware and Firewall

Ensure your anti-virus software definitions are updated. There are paid software solutions, but even a reputable free anti-virus or firewall package is better than nothing at all.

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: wlo@herts.pnn.police.uk

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