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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Incident in Rickmansworth:

We have been advised to be aware that there has been a second incident near to Rickmansworth High Street in recent months where someone has been approached by two females with foreign accents asking for signatures to support a charity.

  • The victim in this case had just withdrawn cash from inside of Nationwide and was making his way back to his car which was parked in Northway car park. The two females have approached the victim by his car and asked him to sign paperwork. Having signed the form they ask to see a bank card to verify the signature. It is believed that cash withdrawn from the bank has been taken from the victim’s wallet while he was speaking to these two females.

  • An 86 year old lady was targeted in the High Street on the 5th of December and a 99 year old man was the most recent victim on the 2nd of February.

Incident in Moor Park:

A man was caught on a Ring door entry camera in South Approach with a collection tin and clipboard in hand. When no one answered the door, he took letters from the outdoor postbox. He continued down the road, trying other front doors and asking people in the street for donations for a cancer charity while holding a collection tin for a mental health charity. Security was contacted, some of the letters were retrieved and he was escorted off the estate. An email was sent out on OWL within a very short time to warn residents. The matter is now in Police hands. The incident did demonstrate the importance and efficacy of good communication within Moor Park, whether by OWL or street whatsapp groups.

Please can you warn elderly neighbours and relatives about this type of crime. If you come across anyone approaching you petitioning for signatures for charity, please contact the Police immediately. No recognised charities are currently collecting in the area.

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