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Be Safe, Be Seen

Dear Watch Member,

• Rural Road Safety Campaign highlights benefits of wearing hi vis clothing.

• Runner, riders and cyclists urged to put safety ahead of style.

• Country Lanes high lighted as a danger area.

As part of their new Rural Road Safety Campaign, officers in Three Rivers are appealing to those who walk, run or ride on the roads, to always wear high visibility clothing.

“Hi vis clothes, such as fluorescent or reflective items, should always be worn if you run, ride or walk on the roads, but at this time of year they are essential,” said Chief Inspector Alexandra Warwick.

“As the winter days get shorter and generally gloomier, it is harder for motorists to see pedestrians, cyclists or riders, particularly on narrow lanes where a person can just blend in with the hedging if they are wearing dark clothes. Quite often they are almost invisible until you get right up behind them.

“By wearing high visibility clothing you are giving motorists more chance to react, slow down and pass you safely. If you are not keen to wear hi vis colours, then at least wear a hi vis backpack or have something fluorescent or reflective on your person that will help you to be seen. Horse riders should ideally wear hi vis clothing and have some hi vis accessory on their horse, in case the two become separated.

“It is easy to think that just because YOU have good visibility at the time, that the same will be true for car drivers, but the clarity from inside a car is very different. Please put safety over style when you head out on the roads.”

If you need to reply regarding this message, tap on this email address: steven.jacob@herts.pnn.police.uk

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